Amaqhawe Consulting Engineers Vision

To grow beyond our operational boundaries to become a nationally, regionally and intercontinentally recognized multi-disciplinary professional service provider offering unsurpassed service to our clients in every aspect of our business

Amaqhawe Consulting Engineers Mission.

To offer service solutions, taking into account our clients’ needs and to deliver this through our collective skills, years of experience and our value driven staff.To provide quality and guaranteed professionalism to clients’ satisfaction. Using continuous training towards uplifting previously Dis-advantaged individuals(PDI)

Amaqhawe Consulting Engineers Values.

ACE is a value & quality driven firm which takes pride in it’s values which namely are:


People empowerment



Embracing diversity

Amaqhawe Consulting.

Offers consulting services to its clients such as:

  • Building Consulting
  • Infrastructure
  • Building Services
  • Electrical & Mechanical
  • Water & Sanitation
  • Transportation
  • Environmental & Geotechnical
  • Architectural Services.


Amaqhawe consulting.

Quality Management

We ensure the effective design of processes that verify customer needs, plan the product life cycle and design, and also produce and deliver the product or service.

This is done through incorporating the measurement of all process elements, analysis of performance and the continual improvement of the products, services and processes that are delivered to the customer









"We provide our clients with solutions to complex issues that face all sectors of commerce and industry today. These services are provided at a variety of levels and offer solutions to unique and technically challenging problems"

Contact Information

1 Henwood Road

Morningside, 4001

Phone: +27 31 309 1774
Fax: +27 86 610 8460

Postal Address

Postnet Suite 293

Private Bag X10

Musgrave Road